19 steps to becoming comfortable with less…

and don’t let anyone tell you that this world isn’t changing-it is! And thank goodness for that because we have been abusing the planet, each other and everything and everyone in between…

Many of you will know about some of these steps, reducing costs or increasing the income flow; however, I don’t know that you will find all of these in one place and I think there is enough of my original thoughts in here that you might catch yourself saying, ‘Aha’!

That would be good for both of us.  Me as a slightly skewed teacher and you and an inquisitive student.  I have also thought that the easiest way to master something is to put in the time and to teach the subject to others.  So I practice what I preach and listen to all the feedback so I can learn from all of you.

Please feel free to leave comments and I will read them all and reply to the ones that need it. If I miss you and you really want to correspond in some manner then my email addrs is “d_rapson@yahoo.com”  and I will look at all of these, too.

be well; peace…



About danrapson

I love to be able to talk about, listen to, enjoy and participate in good, healthy sexual relationships. I also would like to have you do the same. Enjoy the reading and let me know how this is working for you. bee well;peace....dan
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