4 Projects to come for the fall.

It’s the last week of August, 2013 and it is now beginning to warm into the 80’s during the day.

Many of the crops were doing well, even in the cool weather because of all the rain. It seems like it spent the months of May, June and July raining. We haven’t experienced any of the molds and fungus diseases that tend to come with these humid conditions. Might be because of the lack of heat but whatever the reason I saved a bunch on spraying this year.

I did a job for a couple down the road a ways. Put up a new 32×70 foot hoophouse for them.

I used a couple of young guys to do much of the physically demanding work. I kind of run these jobs like they are a Habitat for Humanity worksite. I try to get all the work accomplished with as much owner participation as they would like to provide. This accomplishes two things-1, they get to feel a sense of pride in building their farmstead and 2, they get to save some money on the project.  I tend to price these projects well under what most charge when the owners want to get their hands and hearts into it.

I have a few projects of my own that need I need to get underway.

a. I have to order and build my own 30×72 foot hoophouse before the ground hardens.

b. I have to rebuild the little 20×40 hoophouse that is attached to the little barn. It might get heated this winter as I now have plenty of wood down on the property.

c. There are two domes that will be built this winter. I think from metal but the geodome might be wooden. I am still deciding on how far across this one might be. I am leaning to 30 but that will be an awful big project.  The smaller dome, with 4 foot wall will be 20 feet in diameter. It will look like a dwarf silo. This seems appropriate for the little farm.

This is about a 22 footer or so. Out of wood and with a two foot knee wall.

This, in a size of about 20 feet in diameter, and maybe 18 feet tall will be the silo dome hoophouse.

d. I would love to build a little shed that will become a little studio or house. It will be entirely off grid and might be able to be trailered to other sites.  This is simple and should be able to be built for a couple thousand dollars.

e. The side greenhouse will be set up and maybe heated and lighted to be a house to start trees, and veggies, and some fruits in.  There could be herbs grown year around in this project. We’ll see.

Lots to do and only 6 months or so to do it in so I better get out there and get to work!

Bee well; peace….dan


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I love to be able to talk about, listen to, enjoy and participate in good, healthy sexual relationships. I also would like to have you do the same. Enjoy the reading and let me know how this is working for you. bee well;peace....dan
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